What Do Tire Companies Do?
By Michael Rockich

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What Do Tire Companies Do?

Have you ever wondered what a tire company does? Consider Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire company. Bridgestone does a great deal more than just putting rubber on your car to get you to the grocery store and to and from work. Some companies do sports, some are involved in responsible public service efforts, and others just do their job. Bridgestone does all three.

Consider the scientific arena. In July 2012 Bridgestone announced that it successfully decoded the main genome sequence for Hevea brasiliensis, the rubber tree, which produces latex. Natural rubber, latex, is required for tire production and numerous other rubber products. Bridgestone conducts basic research into the molecular breeding of the rubber tree to improve the productivity of natural rubber. The breakthrough was achieved in collaboration with the Genome Informatics Laboratory in the National Institute of Genetics.

When it comes to sporting events and activities, Bridgestone is involved. For a number of years the company provided all the exotic tires for Formula 1 race cars. Bridgestone also operates the Bridgestone Racing Academy with a 27 year injury-free safety record. Numerous course offerings are available for beginners and advanced students, for corporate events, and mechanics training. An array of courses provide the opportunity to drive Formula cars under instructor supervision.

Sports and science are certainly get their share of attention. Now consider some of the especial meaningful and responsible things Bridgestone does in serving people worldwide in numerous ways, and in advancing the cause of safety.

In the Teens Drive Smart Video Contest Bridgestone not only assists paying for a college education, but provides important video lessons in safe driving habits. In 2012 videos were entered in the contest by 2,300 entrants who were 16-21 years of age. Bridgestone judges, with the help of nearly 18,000 votes determined the winners. The winners received a college scholarship, a free set of Bridgestone tires, and the opportunity to have their video broadcast on US television stations as a public service.

As many of us have found out, winter driving means challenges. Bridgestone operates a Winter Driving School located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a ski resort town. This location provides the snow and ice covered conditions encountered in winter driving, as well as the opportunity to mix in winter sports. The School offers a wide range of winter driving programs for all ability levels. The coursework applies to literally any type of vehicle with any drive wheel configuration, including motor homes. A benefit not to overlook is that some insurance companies offer discount rates to students successfully completing one or more classes.

In the important green arena, Bridgestone has established long-term environmental goals to guide its pursuit of a sustainable society. The company is working to develop synthetic rubber and rubber compounding agents that can be gleaned from biomass materials, and is expanding the range of reinforced plant fibers it uses. Finally, at the 2012 World Rubber Summit Bridgestone announced the development of new technologies aimed at developing tires made from 100% sustainable materials.
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