Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival 2013

Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival
Vintage Sports Car and Classic Car Races
Starts: 05/18/2013
Ends: 2013-05-19
Sonoma Raceway
Sonoma County, California

Vintage sports and racing car fans take note! The Sonoma Raceway will host the Sonoma Historic Motorsport Festival May 18-19. The Festival will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette. Corvette conjures up the image of burning rubber and high horsepower. Corvettes from several decades will take to the track in racing competition.

Close to 400 historic racecars will compete on Sonoma Raceway's excellent road course. The track spans 12 turns and 2.52-miles of undulating, twisting terrain. There are a variety of viewing positions around the track over the 160 feet of elevation changes from which to view the races with varying perspective.

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Main grandstand

Cars spanning the decades will race including the unlimited Can-Am racers and Formulas. The car classifications embrace epochs pre-1941 through 1991.

Lad Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival

Vintage racers entering the track in 2012

The Can Am cars have always been one of my favorites, many powered by Chevrolet engines. With nearly no rules governing them, they have unlimited horsepower and a plethora of very creative designs such as in the Chaparral. This Can Am car employed two large fans inside the bodywork to produce negative pressure to help hold it to the track. The fans were so effective in producing downforce they could literally have held the car upside down from a ceiling.

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Can Am Muscle

Attendees are permitted to view the cars up close. Walk the paddocks and see the cars being prepared to race. Remember to look for the car corrals on both Saturday and Sunday. Owners are sure to bring their vintage Corvettes and other marques to show off.

After the races on Saturday a celebration of cars and wine will take place at Sebastiani Winery. More than 30 vintage cars will be on display from 5:30-8:00 p.m. after the CHP escorts the cars from the track to the winery.