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Ferrari Challenge Sonoma Raceway 2013 Wrap-up

Ferrari Challenge Sonoma Raceway 2013 • • • RACEDAY • • • Wrap-up: • • • PROLOGUE: • • •

Ferrari Challenge Wrap-up
Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, California
April 26-28, 2013
Story and images by: Michael Rockich; Contributing Editor

At the Ferrari Challenge April 27-28 Ferrari at Sonoma Raceway Ferrari 458 Italia engines roared around the Carousel and over the 160 feet of elevation changes along the 2.55 mile race track providing great spectator sport for those of us not piloting. Mother Nature complied with delightful cooling overcast morning skies turning warm and clear in the afternoon. Two races, one Saturday and the other Sunday provided plenty of tightly contested battles.

In Race 1 action 29 cars took the field. Onofrio Triarsi's car in the Trofeo Pirello category led from pole position. He quickly gapped the field until a mechanical issue ended his day on lap 5. John Farano inherited the lead and evaded several challengers to take checkers. In the Coppa Shell category of less experienced drivers Brent Lawrence finished first and 9th overall.

Results, Challenge Race 1 Saturday completed in 35:37.9 seconds with a Margin of Victory of 0.973 seconds
1st, John Farano, #85, from Toronto, Canada, prepared by The Auto Gallery
2nd, Carlos Kauffmann,#24, from Caracas, Venezuela, prepared by The Auto Gallery
3rd, Michael Schein, #21, from New York, NY, prepared by Ferrari of Central Florida

Ferrari Challenge

Drivers after the race

An impact in Race 2 on Sunday to car 44 caused the safety vehicle to come on track. The damaged car went to the box, with a second car also sidelined. The restart of Race 2 found two cars moving very slowly but lapping. The finish found Carlos Kauffmann in the Trofeo Pirello category on the top step of the podium. John Becker finished first In the Coppa Shell category and 11th overall.

Results, Challenge Race 2 Sunday completed in 35:56.3 seconds with a Margin of Victory of 1.883 seconds
1st, Carlos Kauffmann, #24, from Caracas, Venezuela, prepared by The Auto Gallery
2nd, Mark McKenzie, #27, from Austin, TX, prepared by Ferrari of Houston
3rd, Emmanuel Anassis, #777, from Montreal, Canada, prepared by Ferrari Québec

The Challenge 458 race cars are inspected after each race in order to ensure compliance with regulations. Some of the parameters inspected for are weight, camber, and the computer software governing system control on the vehicle. Other parameters are also inspected which vary from race to race.

Ferrari Challenge

Racing car inspection

The Ferrari owner's car corral provided loads of vintage Ferraris to admire and photograph, with an occasional proud owner to speak with. The vintage Ferraris from the corral have increased their show of force in recent years. For the first time in my memory cars were queued to drive in the Sport and Touring sessions on track in a line so long it wrapped around all four sides of the parking area, and then overflowed into an adjacent area.

Ferrari Challenge

A vintage Dino Ferrari

The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta made its appearance in Ferrari's tented display area. Billed as a supercar, it boasts 730 hp from a front mounted 6.3 liter V12, yet more weight is distributed on the rear axel.

Ferrari Challenge

The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

A renowned vintage Enzo Ferrari caught the attention of many passers by. It was striking in glistening black with all its doors and panels in the hinged, upward position. It appeared also with the Ferrari owners group several times on track exhibiting its telltale sound.

Ferrari Challenge

A vintage Enzo Ferrari


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