FIA WTCC Argentina 2014 Autódromo Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina

FIA WTCC Argentina 2014
FIA WTCC Sports car race
Starts: 08/02/2014
Ends: 2014-08-03
Autódromo Termas de Rio

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The Termas de Rio Hondo track in Argentina hosted the 8th FIA WTCC 2014 weekend of racing.

At the first session in Q1 Dušan tried an additional set-up and managed to achieve the sixth place time of 1:46: 037th which turns out was his fastest lap in qualifying. During the last session in Q1 he drove well in the first two sectors, but the third he got a little out of control from the ideal path, which lowered his time.

For the race in Argentina the extra ballast was distributed differently; Citroen maximum ballast was 60 kg, and in the previous races, Chevrolet, including Borkovićev's had 20kg but was now 40 kg, Honda ballast 20 kg, and the Lada without ballast added.

Honda's entire July had tests, as well as Citroen, Lada, and it can be seen now. They are factory teams. Honda becomes very fast because of the weights, fewer of us, because of additional improvements. Lada is good in wet and slippery, and it is the case here. Although my first time riding at this track, I'm a big optimist. Racing ahead and who knows what will all adopt

It was also extremely important that the Argentine did not return empty-handed.

"I was stable and he wanted to finish the race. I saw that I had made up the distance from the competitors behind him, and there was no time to attack further. Due to the extreme heat the tires very easily could again be damaged" added Borković.

And then, surprise, again. Penalty, and forfeiture of points.

Despite brilliant run and finishing in eighth place in this the second FIA WTCC race in Argentina, Dušan Borković lost points, provisionally, pending a response to the appeal of his team, which can take up to three months.

So in Argentina Borković has an almost identical situation as in Hungary where he lost the pole position in race 2. As Dušan's Chevrolet was fastest in the race the officials decided to look at the car afterwards. The Technical officials in charge of the WTCC rules determined that the front splitter was lower than allowed.

Due contact during race 2, there was damage to the splitter where one side of the splitter was correct and the other had dropped below the allowable height. It is almost impossible due to contact with the track, not to receive damage this kind. Also Dušan's team feels, this problem can only result in slowing down cars due to poor aerodynamics, not to accelerate. Dušan Borković almost because this has not stopped the race 2:

"At one point I noticed a sound and the car hitting and felt that something is wrong. Chevy was not solid in the turns and lost its speed, but I had a tremendous desire to finish the race and collect points. Extremely hurt in these situations that absolutely are not caused by me and my driving or can not be influence by me or Campos. I'm afraid that the people of the FIA aware of my speed and I therefore checked" said Borković after disqualification. Unlike Hungary, Campos Racing Team this time decided to appeal the decision of the disciplinary committee. Other technical delegates will inspect the car in France before the Special Committee decision whish may take up to three months.

Drivers from Serbia expect two months break until the next championship race. "August and September will be used for finding sponsors and working with the engineer on the car, unfortunately, no testing due to lack of finance in the budget:, noted the Borković.

The hero of the weekend was the home crowd favorite, Jose Maria Lopez, who triumphed in both races and thus significantly increased his chances for the title. FIA WTCC season will moved to Asia for the last four weekend races, with the first scheduled in Beijing, China, on the 4th and 5th of October.


FIA WTCC Argentina 2014

Argentina i staza Termas de Rio Hondo bili su domaćini 8. trkačkog vikenda u okviri FIA WTCC 2014. Dušan Borković, NIS Petrol by Campos Racing Team, Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1 #98, ostvario je 14. rezultat u prvom delu kvalifikacija, Q1, a time i 14. startno mesto na obe trke.

Autódromo Termas de Rio Hondo Argentina

Dušan Borković, in the NIS Petrol by Campos Racing Team Chevrolet Cruze RML TC1 # 98, achieved 14 points in the first part of qualifying, Q1, which placed him in the 14th starting position for both races.
Branko Gulan bgulan Photo

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Dušan Borković created great attention in the Argentine media and fans who were waiting in line to get an autograph and to take pictures with the greatest racecar drivers in the world.
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Autódromo Termas de Rio Hondo Argentina

"After a month being in the car and I must admit that I was feeling a little homesick driving. With a car is generally fine, but the key was to find the right set-up. The track is very fast, especially in the first sector where at speeds up to 250 km / h, and while it is very slippery". said Borković after qualifying.
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Autódromo Termas de Rio Hondo Argentina

After the start of the race 1 Dušan quickly moved to 11th position. Then to the top 10 that was shared with the legendary Dutchman Tom Coronel and where points are scored. In the third round due to incredible bad luck, his left rear tire failed and he could only manage to bring the car to the pits and the end to the first session.
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This did not discourage Pančevca and his team, and the two quickly moved forward and entered the second round match with nine-rally world champion Sebastien Loeb. Although remaining in 11th Borković waited patiently for his chance gaining 10th place when Hugo Valente went into the pits.

Final race brought him even a higher position behind him was Tom Chilton, and preceded by Mehdi Bennani. Borković from lap fafter lap gaining on his neighbor Hungarian Norbert Michelizs. However, given the 20 pounds lighter Honda and the lack of time testing, Borković failed to better his position. Finishing in eighth position he managed to be the fastest of the Chevrolet drivers in the second race.

"It was really hot on the track. In the second race I caught two Citroen cars, Muller and Loeb. I caught them on the outside, but I backed off as to not hit anyone. Especially after the experience in the first race, when I suffered a burst tire after challenge with Coronel" Said Borković describing the first part of his performance in the second race
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"Honda had tests all of July, as well did Citroen and Lada and it can be seen now. They are factory teams. Honda is very fast because they weight less than us, and because of the additional improvements. Lada is good on wet and slippery tracks as it is here. Although my first time running at this track, I'm a big optimist. Racing is ahead of us, and who knows what that will bring", said Dušan Borković, before the race
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Prilikom prvog izlaska na stazu u Q1 oprobao je svoje mogućnosti, a nakon odlaska u boks i dodatnog set-up-a uspeo da ostvari 6. vreme - 1.46:037. Ispostavilo se da mu je to bio najbrži krug u kvalifikacijama, što nije bilo dovoljno da uđe, kao i uvek do sada tokom ove sezone, među 12 najbržih vozača i tako stekne pravo nastupa u drugom delu kvalifikacija, Q2. Nedostajale su samo dve desetinke.

Prilikom poslednjeg izlaska na stazu u Q1 najbolje je vozio u prva dva sektora, ali je u trećem malo izgubio kontrolu i idealnu putanju što ga je koštalo boljeg rezultata.

- Nakon mesec dana seo sam u automobil i moram priznati da sam se uželeo vožnje. Sa automobilom je generalno sve u redu, ali je ključno bilo naći pravi set-up. Staza je veoma brza, pogotovo u prvom sektoru gde se postižu brzine do 250 km/h, a pritom je veoma klizava - rekao je Borković nakon kvalifikacija.

Za rundu u Argentini dodatni balast je bio različito raspoređen, Citroen maksimalni balast od 60 kg, kao i na predhodnim trkama, Chevrolet, uključujući i Borkovićev, umesto sa dosadašnjih 20 otežani sa 40 kilograma, Honda blasat od 20 kg, Lada bez balasta.

- Honda je ceo jul imala testove, kao i Citroen i Lada i to se vidi i sada. Oni su fabrički timovi. Honda postaje jako brza što zbog manje kilaže od nas, što zbog dodatnih unapređenja. Lada je dobra po mokrom i klizavom, a to je slučaj ovde. Iako prvi put vozim na ovoj stazi, veliki sam optimista. Trke su pred nama i ko zna šta će sve da donesu - zaključio je pred trku Dušan Borković.

Dušan Borković je izazvao veliku pažnju argentinskih medija i fanova koji su čekali u redovima da dobiju autogram i da se fotografišu sa najvišim automobilistom na svetu.

Nakon starta trke 1 vrlo brzo je napredovao do 11. pozicije. Do 10. mesta i ulaska u krug vozača koji osvajaju bodove delio ga je legendarni Holanđanin Tom Coronel. U 3. krugu ga je pretekao i krenuo u poteru za ostalima. Nekoliko sekundi kasnije događa se neverovatan peh, zadnja leva guma puca zbog podupravljanja (understeering), odnosno prevelikog proklizavanja. Mogao je samo da doveze automobil do boksa i tu okonča prvi nastup.

To nije obeshrabrilo visokog Pančevca i njegov tim, pa je na trci 2 brže napredovao i u 2. krugu ušao u duel s devetostrukim reli šampionom sveta Sebastien Loebom. Iako je ostao 11, Borković je strpljivo čekao svoju šansu. Do 10. pozicije je došao kada je Hugo Valente otišao u boks.

Završnica trke donela mu je još veći napredak, iza njega je ostao Tom Chilton, a u pretposlednjem krugu i Mehdi Bennani. Borković je iz kruga u krug vozio sve brže, na meti mu je bio i komšija Mađar Norbert Michelizs. Ipak, za 20 kilograma lakša Honda i nedostatak vremena odmogli su Borkoviću da postigne još bolji plasman. , pa je na kraju sigurnom vožnjom osvojio 8. poziciju Uspeo je da bude najbrži od svih Chevrolet vozača u drugoj trci.

- Bilo je pakleno vruće na stazi. U drugoj trci sam obišao dva Citroen automobila,, i Muller i Loeb. Obišao sam ih sa spoljne strane, ali sam popustio da se ne bih sudario s nekim. Pogotovo posle iskustva iz prve trke, kada sam doživeo da pukne guma posle duela sa Coronelom - opisao je Borković prvi deo nastupa u drugoj trci.

Bilo mu je i izuzetno važno da se iz Argentine ne vrati praznih ruku. - Bio sam stabilan i hteo da završim trku. Video sam da sam napravio distancu sa takmičarima iza sebe, a nije ni bilo vremena da napadam dalje. Zbog velikih vrućina su gume vrlo lako mogle ponovo da stradaju - dodao je Borković. A onda iznenađenje, opet. Kazna, oduzimanje bodova.

Uprkos sjajnoj vožnji i osvojenom osmom mestu na drugoj FIA WTCC trci u Argentini, Dušan Borković je ostao bez bodova, privremeno, dok se čeka odgovor na žalbu njegovog tima, što može potrajati i tri meseca. Borković tako u Argentini prolazi gotovo kroz identičnu situaciju iz Mađarske kada je izgubio pol poziciju u trci 2 jer je tehnički delegat zadužen za WTCC procenio da je prednji spliter niži od propisanog. Ovoga puta Dušanov Chevrolet je bio najbrži na trci i delegat je zato odlučio da naknadno pogleda automobil.

Kazna je usledila zbog iste stvari. Usled udaranja u toku trke 2, došlo je do oštećenja splitera gde je jedna strana na mestu i po merama koje treba da budu, a druga oštećena strana je pala ispod dozvoljenog. Gotovo je nemoguće da usled udaranja na stazi ne dođe do oštećenja ovakve vrste. Takođe, ovaj problem na automobilu može samo da uspori vozača zbog loše aerodinamike, nikako da ga ubrza. Dušan Borković zamalo zbog ovoga nije prekinuo trku 2:

- U jednom trenutku primetio sam po zvuku i jakom udaranju u automobilu da nešto nije u redu. Chevy više nije dobro ležao u krivinama i izgubio je brzinu, ali sam imao ogromnu želju da završim trku i prikupim bodove. Izuzetno me bole ove situacije koje apsolutno ne zavise od mene i mog znanja, a na koje na žalost ne može da utiče ni Campos. Plašim se da su ljudi iz FIA svesni moje brzine i da me zbog toga proveravaju - rekao je Borković posle diskvalifikacije. Za razliku od Mađarske, Campos Racing Team je ovoga puta odlučio da uloži žalbu na odluku discplinske komisije. Odluka drugog tehničkog delegata koji će pregledati automobil u Francuskoj pred specijalnom komisijom može se čekati i do tri meseca.

Automobilistu iz Srbije očekuju dva meseca pauze do nastavka šampionata. - Preostaju nam avgust i septembar u traženju sponzora i radu sa inženjerom na automobilu, nažalost, bez testova zbog manjka finansija u budžetu - konstatovao je Borković.

Junak ovog vikenda bio je ljubimac domaće publike Joze Marija Lopez, koji je trijumfovao na obe trke i time znatno uvećao šanse za titulu. FIA WTCC sezona seli se u Aziju gde će biti vožene poslednja četiri vikenda, a prva je na programu Kina, Peking, 4. i 5. oktobra.

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