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Concorso Italiano, 2013 Prologue, Monterey, California

Concorso Italiano, 2013 Prologue, Monterey, California Photos and Stories.

Concours d'Elegance, Italian Car Show Gallery 1, 2013-08-16, Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, Monterey, California, US




Concorso Italiano, 2013 Prologue, Monterey, California

Concorso Italiano Preview 2013
Michael Rockich, Contributing Editor

That great gathering of exotic cars, the Concorso Italiano, will take place Friday, August 16 at the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch in Monterey, California. Two things exceed in this event - quality, but also quantity. Rarely are so many exotic cars assembled in one place at the same time.

There are always seas of exotic Italian vehicles displayed on the fairways. The cars are grouped by marque and often by model. Expect many non-Italian makes too. There is usually a good turnout of Porsches, Ford GTs, and occasional Veyrons and Formula 1s are often in the mix just to name a few.

Several special attractions are scheduled for them 2013 Concorso. I will mention them below.

The Concorso Italiano will honor Lamborghini's 50th birthday. A special centerpiece of Lamborghini automobiles will be the headliner.

Lamborghini's 50th anniversary already began this year in Italy. Over 300 charging bulls from the corners of the globe are participating in the Grand Giro. The celebration will continue at the Concorso Italiano. On Saturday a Concorso Italiano arranged parade of Lamborghinis will take place in downtown Monterrey and along Highway 1.

The Classic Ferrari display is a tradition at Concorso Italiano. The 246 GT Dino and older Ferraris are displayed in an area specially designated to admire these timeless classics. One-offs, super-cars, and F1s also qualify to be part of the Classic group. The owners bring these classic rarities from long distances for all to admire.

A concourse for vintage Ferraris will also be held during Concorso Italiano. Ferraris pre-dating 2003 will be examined by an expert judging team. Guidelines of the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile will be applied.

Fifty Italian bicycles dating from the early 1900's to present will present to view. Italian bicycles have a justifiable claim to some of the finest bicycle craftsmanship and engineering design principals in the industry.

Concorso Italiano is known for exhibiting all things Italian. Also look for Italian food, fashion, and motorcycles.

Concorso Italiano: A Celebration of All that is Italian. Top on the list are Cars, Fashion and Wine. Add Monterey sunshine and soft air and there cannot be a better Friday.

Held at the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch set within the oak-studded hillsides of Monterey. Red is the color that stands out on the Central Coast landscapes. Lamborghini is 50 and the anniversary celebration will present a center-piece display of every model. The Concorso Stage will have major presentations from the Lamborghini Company.

Also on the The Concorso Stage will be another highlight, the Fashion Show. The Italian clothing fashion is a big part of the day's event and not to be missed.

On a fun note the car called the "Thorndyke Special". The original 5000 GT Apollo from the Disney movie "The Love Bug" will be part of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Cars display.

1989 Lamborghini Countach 25-Annivesary

1989 Lamborghini Countach 25-Annivesary Model


Clara Cunningham Photo
The Car Show seems to stretch on and on with the endless collection of Alfa Romeo, Bizzarini, Cisitalia, De Tomaso, Ferrari, Innocenti, Lamborghini, Maserati, Stanguellini, Bertone and Zagato, just to name a few, of the 800 - 1000 vehicles of Italian origin.


Clara Cunningham Photo
A fun part of the center stage action the 2012 fashion show with styles from Roberto Mantellassi, Romanoos Gallery, Sylvie's Unique Boutique, and Tommy Bahama.

Beautiful cars. Beautiful clothing, Beautiful people. Beautiful Day.

Bertone Nuccio Concept 2012

Bertone Nuccio Concept 2012


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